Nahnahnah Hodeup Hodeup!

So the next time I'm playing ball with my boys, and I convert a layup (I mean, it'll look like an attempt at a dunk, but I'll just finger-roll the ball at the last second) and then slap the rim, is it cool if I say it's a dunk? Like, I can do the tongue-wag and maybe a finger-wag while I backpedal down the court. Is that cool? Can I get sports journalists to write about my "dunk"?

I mean, imagine if NBA players started slapping the rim after layups. It would "change the face of the game".

OK, I'm being really hard on Michelle Snow. I bet it's really hard to slap the rim after a layup. Timing, hand-eye coordination. The fear of being ridiculed by your peers when they find out you didn't really dunk but you tried to make it seem as if you did.


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