Playoff Beard of the Lost

Playoff beards are an ancient tradition in hockey, primarily the NHL. Sources indicate it started with Erik the Red back when he was a rookie with the Kansas City Scouts in 982 A.D. (he was expelled from the NHL after, in a fit of rage caused by losing game seven of the Stanley Cup Final, he murdered half the Toronto Maple Leafs roster).

I'm a big fan of the playoff beard. I haven't touched a razor or scissors since the playoffs began. But in all the years I've witnessed this facial phenomenon, I've never seen anything quite like the beard sported by the Edmonton Oilers' Sergei Samsonov. It's like Cha-Ka from Land of the Lost grew up and trained to be a hockey player in Russia:

Glorious. "Playoff Beard" has a great running tally of the best of the best growths in this year's playoffs.

I don't know if I quite agree with the "only players left in the final round qualify" thing he's got going on, because Scott Niedermayer always brings his "A Game" in the playoffs. Dude was at stage four before the playoffs even started.


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